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Marco Versace. Photography by Kevin Abosch.

This is the professional website of Marco Versace from Hamburg in Germany. I work in Europe and the USA.

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Who is this? What does he do?

  • Consultant and Groupblogauthor to eLAB
  • Specialist for network economy and "Mitmachinternet"
  • eHEALTH: consulting in medical technology: in the fascinating field of Neurofeedback I operate a small company : EEG Seminare and that of my partners EEG Info
  • Project management in the fields of information and internet technology
  • Consulting for the European Commission with eContent and eTEN regarding eInclusion, games, safe-internet, community
  • Visualization of networks and numerical data

With 13 years of hands-on IT experience you can count on high quality solutions.
As a native speaker of two languages, I feel equally at home in German just as in English.

  • Please call my office at +49 (0) 40 - 48.400.805
  • or mv (at) versace (dot) cc

In Belgium Chocolate is Dangerous

I try to stay away from blogging, but I can't resist writing about what happened yesterday!
Was in Brussels for work for the Commission and in the morning I had bought some Belgium chocolate - Leonidas pralines. Leonidas is an experience, its like McDo for chocoloate enthusiasts, people stand in line to get small boxes of chocolate.
At the security check of Brussels airport I adhered to the theatrical process, removing the laptop, helping in the war on liquids by displaying my toothpaste, taking off all coats, and then the security lady says "Mr., I have bad news for you! These chocalate pralines contain paste and must be confiscated because they are a security risk and are considered fluids." Ha, you wish, I said and instead of forfeiting my treasure to the authorities for their snack I tracked back my path the main hall and checked the stuff in.

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Auf diesen Webseiten lesen Sie Informationen über die Arbeitswelt von Marco Versace. Diese Website ist ausschließlich englischsprachig. Für deutschsprachige Erklärungen zu dieser Website stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.


Marco Versace
The image taken at CeBIT.2003,
of a developmental 3g japanese phone.

Excellent photography from my buddy in Los Angeles, works in Europe, too.
Kevin Abosch Photography

Current Status working on consulting and various projects. Call for availablity. As the economy is once again picking up, I'd like to take advantage of a permanent position in a think tank in technology/media, product development or with involvement in a foundation.

2003-today, ongoing Called as European Commission expert, reviewer, "Sachverständiger, rapporteur

04 Managing Director for Eyeblaster LTD (rich media advertising technology)

June 03 Head of the Month, by trade magazine "kontakter" in Germany more...




My favorite (descriptive if not lengthy) German word is Froschmausekrieg. It means "war between the frogs and the mice" and the file in this photo was so named by Helen Dukas (Einstein's secretary and literary executor) to describe the long and bitter dispute between the School of Math and the School of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study. A good word to know when facing such a dispute.

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